Climate neutral transport
Success is not a goal! How we set “honest” goals!

R+H Autologistik GmbH & Co. KG is aware of its ecological responsibility and actions. We see it as our task and contribution to preserve an intact and sustainable environment for future generations.

Goals must have a “why” and match the effort. For this reason, we set ourselves goals that we can achieve as realistic – the ratio of effort to costs and benefits must be right. One goal is that we want to reduce and offset our CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025.

By using our 100% Euro 6 vehicles, using GPS and AI-supported software that allows us to find the most efficient route with few empty runs and avoiding unnecessary detours, taking into account many factors.

As a result, we are already able to reduce some of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions caused by vehicle transport. But not only in transport, but also in our administration, workshop and branches, we make our contribution to reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions.
A complete avoidance of climate-damaging emissions in our industry is neither financially nor technically possible. But through our commitment to investing in climate protection projects, there is the possibility of compensating for such unavoidable emissions in a sensible and sustainable manner.

For this reason, we offer our customers complete compensation for the climate-damaging CO2 emissions caused during transport and the entire chain of effects.

Join us and make your contribution to the environment together with us!

What can I do as a client?

Based on the kilometers driven, the freight weight of the vehicles to be transported, we determine the emission values ​​​​to be compensated for each transport. Based on these calculations, we offer you in our offers – shown separately – you as the client the opportunity to arrange for the purchase of certificates in the corresponding amount and thus ensure that the resulting CO2 emissions are offset.

For each offer, we use a CO2 calculator to calculate the emissions generated for your transport (CO2e WTW) and calculate the compensation costs. We show this in the offer as a separate option “CO2-neutral transport”. If you decide to offset the CO2 emissions, we will purchase high-quality CO2 emission certificates from our partner myclimate for the amount shown or invest your contributions in our reforestation projects with our partner Blue Planet Certificate.

With this contribution you support reforestation projects, climate-neutral energy production and other projects to reduce or avoid CO2 emissions around the world.

Join us now and let’s make the world a little more sustainable together!

Make a contribution to climate protection together with us and support climate protection projects by offsetting CO2 emissions when transporting your vehicle(s).
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