Through social responsibility to strategic success

Sustainability and environmental protection are essential components of our social responsibility. If we deal responsibly with natural resources, this does not only lead to R + H Autologistik GmbH & amp; Co. KG, but also for our suppliers and subcontractors to a long-term strategic success. As a company, we feel committed to the idea of ​​sustainability. We express this in our daily actions and thinking – also in our corporate mission statement.

Active implementation of working conditions, environmental standards and ethical aspects

Our sustainability guideline for suppliers formulates minimum standards and defines the minimum requirements for our suppliers: compliance with internationally recognized human and employee rights, respect for child labor and forced labor, compliance with legal standards and environmental guidelines including the implementation of preventive environmental protection as well as compliance and promotion of business ethics Behavior. We expect our direct and indirect suppliers to respect and pass on the content of this guideline and actively promote compliance with it.

Common standards, education and a sense of responsibility as a target

All business activities within the supply chain must comply with local laws. If national legal regulations, international legal provisions, industry standards and this guideline deal with the same topic, the more stringent provisions must always be applied. The aim of this guideline on sustainability is therefore to establish a common performance standard, educational work and commitment to responsible business operations.

A code of conduct for fair, environmentally conscious and responsible behavior

In addition to the guidelines for suppliers, we also address other ethical, work-related and social aspects in our code of conduct. In it, we express our appreciation for responsible, fair and respectful interaction, which includes equal opportunities and a partnership with one another. This code of conduct also makes it clear that we adhere to regulations and take supporting measures with regard to the protection of data and intellectual property as well as free and fair competition. You can read all the relevant details in the following PDF documents:

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